Forest with moss

Vertical Nature

We transform business and everyday spaces into green and sustainable places




surfaces covered with our moss



kg CO2

bound carbon dioxide in our moss installations




potentially saved water

Moss on pappel bark

Our vision

In times of climate change and ever scarcer resources, the cities of the future will be dominated by plants and sustainable concepts. Our task is to turn these green visions into reality and thus do our part in achieving the climate goals.

Our mission

As a modern, innovative and future-oriented company, we want to play our part in making sustainability a tangible experience. We combine the technical know-how of craftsmanship with the digital industry and transform the business and everyday spaces of tomorrow into green places with a special atmosphere.

Moss detail

Our customers are happy

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Max Mustermann, Unternehmen

One stop shop


Our experts will find the optimal solution for your individual requirements.


Benefit from our excellence in visual design and conceptualisation.


Throughout the execution, you will be in the care of true professionals in their field.

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